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About the Beagle

Best photo of Dicky standing.jpeg

About the Beagle

One - Personality

We're a compact, medium sized hound with a BIG personality!

We love attention - without it we can be very mischievous.

We're friendly too and love company - and hate being left alone.

Three - Children

We're normally good with children - but we are not a toy and need our space.

Five - Grooming

We love to roll - but we're easy to wash and love being groomed.

Seven - Sleep

We will sleep for hours in our own special bed - but beds are prettier with chewed edges!

Two - Food

We love our food and we'll eat almost anything so watch our weight.

Four - Exercise/Garden

We're healthy and when mature need a good hour's exercise a day - and you'll be fitter too!


We love gardens to play and dig in - but check those fences, as we can be escape artists! We also love to run in the park - but if we find an "interesting" smell we loose track of time.

Six - Training

We're sociable and we'll happily go to training classes - but without the titbits we can be stubborn and very deaf.

Lastly and most importantly - 

Look after us properly and we'll be your friends for many years to come.

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