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The Beagle Association is supporting the Canine Genetics Centre who have launched a new appeal. Their target is to raise £345k to secure the Canine Genetics Centre over the next twelve months whilst they develop a longer-term funding strategy.


The Canine Genetics team are encouraging Breed Clubs/Societies, individual members, breeders and dog owners to engage with their work and fundraise to support their future. This is a one-off campaign and they do not intend to make an appeal on this scale again.


You can either DONATE directly, knowing that with Gift Aid, every £1 you

donate means £1.25 for the CGC. Or you can PLEDGE, allowing you to donate in the future, in increments and over a longer period of time, providing much needed flexibility for you, but security for them.

For more details on the APPEAL please see their appeal launch page -

Thank you for your support.

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