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Beagle Association Championship Show

Sunday 10th July 2022

Judge - Jen Davies (Seevad)

Main Winners

BIS Line-Up - from L to R

Best in Show & DCC - Kingsland and Stevens' Redcap The Patriot

Reserve Best in Show & RDCC - Parker's Ch. Sereanker Armani

Best Opposite Sex in Show & BCC - Havard's Annavah Princess Tiana

RBCC - Craig's Ch. Bayard Glory Bee

Best Puppy in Show - Goldberg's Molesend Dormouse

Best Puppy Dog - Sam's Kellitcreed Sweeney Todd

Best Veteran in Show - Dawson's ​Ch. Janfrey Randal upon Rundle JW Sh.CM

Best Veteran Bitch - Brown's Raimex Rowanberry

Best Dog Line-Up

Best Bitch Line-Up

Judge's critique

Junior Dog

Mid Limit Dog

1. Brimbleway Saving Grace

2. Barrvale Hunter at Awreridge

3. Serenaker George Gently

Res. Huntshill Up To Trouble

VHC. Armorpapaver Jupiter

Limit Dog

1. Davricard Milton at Dialynne (ai)

2. Fallowfield Vincent

3. Julemark Luther

Res. Nedlaw Trumpeter with Maplelayne

VHC. Wyvisview Pinocchio

Open Dog

1. Redcap The Patriot

2. Ch Newlin Preston to Clairdale JW

3. Barrvale Ganymede

Res. Morsefield Mudlark

VHC. Sparrowgill Smarty For Fallowfield Naf

Veteran Bitch

1. Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW (G)

2. Ch Raimex Brittany JW

3. Tiger Lilly Blossom

Res. Redcap Bella Sorella JW SH.CM

VHC. Bellvalley Dunnit

Vintage Bitch

Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Kellitcreed Cotton Candy

2. Kingswin Looks Like Trouble (photo not available)

3. Bjornhagen Treasurehunter

Junior Bitch

1. Annavah Princess Tiana

2. Davricard Marcia (ai)

3. Deaconfield Lyric

Res. Wyvisview Knickerbocker

VHC. Dialynne Once Upon a Time (ai)

Novice Bitch

1. Deaconfield Lyric

2. Coachbarn Cresta

3. Dufosee Honestly of Parkebreeway

Res. Puddlehill Wanda Maximoff

VHC. Jarrowley Daisywood

Graduate Bitch

1. Dufosee Iyla at Bondlea

2. Julemark Primrose at Maplelayne

3. Molesend Crumble (ai)

Res. Blitzlilie Girl with no name

VHC. Puddlehill Wanda Maximoff

Post Graduate Bitch

Mid Limit Bitch

1. Serenaker Agatha Raisin

2. Evalux Cashmere Upon Rundle JW

3. Deaconfield Lively

Res. Huntshill Usual Suspect

VHC. Jarrowley Larksrise

Limit Bitch

1. Gempeni Cornflower

2. Dialynne Bonny Tyler

3. Wyvisview Porcelain

Res. Fallowfield Royal Rosie

VHC. Charterwood Fantasy Imogen

Open Bitch

1. Ch Bayard Glory Bee

2. Fallowfield Fern

3. Barrvale Grace

Res. Ch Dufosee Dragonfly of Parkebreeway JW

VHC. Annavah Lady Gaga

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