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Beagle Association
Open Show 2022

Judge - Mrs Lana Johnson (Houndsline)

Best in Show & Best Dog  -  Henningsson-Dundas' Julemark Luther

Reserve Best In Show and Best Bitch - Brown’s Raimex Reed Bunting

Best Puppy in Show - Hunts Dufosee Ilya at Bondlea

Best Veteran in Show - Phillips and Keyte's Lanesend Segenhoe JW ShCM




Judge's Critique

Minor Puppy Dog (5,1)

1. Havard's Dufosee Issac  

2. Leader's Molesend Dice

3. Wenman's Wenannou White Thunder

4. Deaconfield Lancer


Puppy Dog (2,2)

Junior Dog (1,1)

1. Hunt and Ford's Bondlea Woodlark


Novice Dog (1,1)

1. Dawson, Goodall, and Harrison's Rundle Decathlon


Graduate Dog (2,0)

1. Bell-Thomas and Thomas' Amorpapver Jupiter

2. Hunt and Ford's Bondlea Woodlark

Post Graduate Dog (6,3)

1. Harrison's Runder Raspberry Roulade

2. Simkin's Simeldaka Senglea Squire

3. Leader's Rosrodens Debonair


Limit Dog (2,0)

1. Hennigsson-Dundas' Julemark Luther

2. Woodcock's Molesend Verdict at Roddwood


Open Dog (2,1)

1. Simkin's Eardley Will Power at Simeldaka


Veteran Dog (6,1)

1. Phillips and Keyte's Lanesend Segenhoe JW ShCM

2. Hunt and Norris' Ch Shercroft Apollo JW ShCM

3. Jacklin's Triecap Lord Oscar


Special Beginners Dog (3,0)

1. Harrison's Rundle Raspberry Roulade

2. Bell-Thomas and Thomas' Amorpapver Jupiter

3. Leader's Molesend Dice

Minor Puppy Bitch (6,2 abs)

1. Hunt's Dufosee Ilya at Bondlea

2. Goldberg's Molesend Dormouse

3. Jacklin's Rosanka Mayfair at Triecap

Puppy Bitch (4,2 abs)

1. Kimber's Coachbarn Cresta

2. Flores' Teaseltop Easters Blossom

Junior Bitch (3,1)

1. Goldberg's Molesend Crumble

2. Flores' Teaseltop Easters Blossom

Novice Bitch (7,2)

1. Hunt's Dufosee Ilya at Bondlea

2. Kimber's Coachbarn Cresta

3. Jacklin's Rosanka Mayfair at Triecap

Graduate Bitch (4,3)

1. Bell-Thomas and Thomas' Amorpapver Juno

Post Graduate Bitch (8,2)

1. Kimber's Coachbarn Crier

2. Ayes-Cousins' Viracocha Onya Marks JW

3. Brownlow's Rushwater Pil Pala

Limit Bitch (8,2)

1. Brown's Raimex Reed Bunting

2. Roderick's Barterhound Princess

3. Hunt, Norris, Carmichael, & Starbrook's Shercroft Liberty JW

Open Bitch (4,2)

1. Hunt's Bondlea Lucy JW

2. Jacklin's Triecap Countess Crystal

Veteran Bitch (9,1)

1. Jacklin's Triecap Queen Ruby

2. Leeder's Rosrodden Aphrodite

3. Brownlow's Bellvalley Dunnit

Special Beginners Bitch (7,1)

1. Griffin's Clarismore Twist

2. Jacklin's Rosanka Mayfair at Triecap

3. Bell-Thomas and Thomas' Amorpapver Juno

If you would like to see individual photos of Beagles placed 1st to 3rd, please email Emily at who will be happy to provide it for you.

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